1. First of all let me say, I love you and I always will.
    No matter where I find myself in the future, you’ll always be my baby girl.
    I hope you find someone who isn’t boring sometimes after the amount of years we’ve been together.
    I hope you find someone attractive in ways I am not.
    I hope you never have to give up who you are to be with this person.
    I hope you continue following your dreams and never stop.
    I hope you are always told you are beautiful, strong, smart, sexy and amazing because you truly are.
    I hope you eventually tell everyone about yourself and if they don’t accept you, realize you don’t need them.
    I hope you have your whimsical wedding.
    I hope you wish upon a star and it comes before you and loves you with at least 1/4 the fiery passion I do.

    I’ve never claimed to be special. My flaws are many. I always hoped my unconditional love, compassion, understanding and caring would be enough to make up for all that. But I was wrong, my weakness far surpass my strengths.
    I cannot be degraded to “friend”. I’ve said if I can’t have heaven, I’d rather hell. The middle is where I’ve been before. I can’t stand and be hurt by watching you’ve move on. It’s bad enough, those lonely nights curiosity will get the best of me. As they did before, I will see things that will hurt forever. You told me you don’t wanna be responsible for my death, do not fret. I will live on as an empty shell, dead on the inside but nothing more.

    I am leaving this blog to you. password is your full name without spaces and no caps. The email is my yahoo change it or leave it. Please change the password when you’re up to it. Nothing here but hopes and dreams that die with our relationship.

  2. am I that awful looking? Maybe you can’t stomach me?

  3. I’m sick of pursuing people I love, how about someone pursue me for a change? anyone..? Has to be someone that would love a man in his late 20’s, who’s fat, has a goatee, who is extremely social phobic and has zero self confidence? who am I kidding. I’m going to die alone.

  4. I guess I should stop coming on here as well.. I hope whatever you do makes you happy.<3

  5. don’t leave me in the dark.. please..

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